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Andrew Yang Talks Universal Basic Income, Climate Change, With Undecided Voters | Off Script | NPR

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Andrew Yang Talks Universal Basic Income, Climate Change, With Undecided Voters | Off Script | NPR

Entrepreneur Andrew Yang answers questions from two undecided Democratic voters. NPR’s Noel King hosts. Click “Show More” below for topic time codes.

Watch all the full interviews here:

2:05 – Yang sings Prince
2:34 – Yang discusses riding his bike in New York City

4:22 – What is universal basic income and the freedom dividend?
11:08 – Yang defends his preference for VAT taxes over wealth taxes
21:00 – Yang on “winners and losers” in an economically divided country
24:09 – Will people have to choose between welfare and the freedom dividend?
28:53 – How would the freedom dividend combat inequality in education?
33:05 – Why not set an income threshold for the freedom dividend?

39:04 – “[Climate change] is already changing lives and destroying lives.”
40:12 – Yang on thorium, a “next-generation fuel for nuclear reactors”
43:16 – How will he reach people who “don’t believe in climate change”?
47:18 – What does he mean by moving people to “higher ground”?
50:16 – Is the idea for people to use their freedom dividends to prepare for climate change?

51:32 – Yang’s views on impeachment
52:08 – Yang on Asian-American identity
53:56 – “Are you running for president to win?”
55:44 – “Why you’re so averse to a wealth tax?”
57:21 – “If you don’t become president, how are you going to continue to work on these ideas?”

• Read “‘A Game Changer’: Andrew Yang Explains How He’d Give Every American $1,000 Per Month” at

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